Innovative Research, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Dr. Suhas V. Patankar with the mission to offer Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and services for the analysis of flow and thermal phenomena in practical engineering processes. Over the years, we have developed computational models for fluid flow and heat transfer, chemical reactions, and melting and solidification in a wide range of practical applications such as Nuclear Reactors, Chemical Vapor Infiltration for Manufacturing of Ceramic Matrix Composites, Automobile Compressors, Aircraft Ventilation, and Electronics Cooling. In the past fifteen years, we have focused on developing application-specific software packages MacroFlow, TileFlow, MeltFlow-VAR/ESR that enable practicing engineers to obtain significant productivity improvements in the design process.

Innovative Research, LLC was formed in 2014 through a reorganization of Innovative Research, Inc. to focus on software products MacroFlow, MeltFlow-VAR, and MeltFlow-ESR, and undertake related Research & Development Projects.


Our mission is to develop and offer highest-quality software products and undertake computational flow modeling services that provide significant productivity benefits and engineering value to the practicing engineers. Our product offerings and activities include the following.

MacroFlow uses the technique of Flow Network Modeling (FNM) for a rapid flow and thermal analysis of electronics cooling and engineering flow systems. It is widely used for the design of cooling systems for computer and defense electronics, gas and liquid delivery systems in semiconductor processing, and filtration and fuel delivery systems.

MeltFlow-VAR and MeltFlow-ESR utilize advanced CFD techniques for comprehensive analysis of the Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) and Electroslag Remelting (ESR) processes. Leading metal producers worldwide are using these software tools for process design and optimization to produce high-quality ingots of superalloys, steels, and Titanium alloys.

We also undertake Research and Development Projects with Government Agencies and Industrial Organizations. In such projects, we develop advanced computational models for analysis of complex flow and thermal phenomena in Single-Phase and Two-Phase Electronics Cooling, Metallurgical Processing of High-Performance Alloys, and related applications.

Our staff consists of research engineers with advanced degrees, who are involved in product development, marketing, and technical support.