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MacroFlow: Overview

A Software Tool for Rapid Flow and Thermal Design of Electronics Cooling, Semiconductor Processing, and General Flow Systems

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    An Air-Cooled Electronics Cabinet

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    Air-Flow System in a Grain Dryer

MacroFlow is a powerful software tool for rapid and accurate flow and thermal design of flow systems in a wide variety of engineering applications. The underlying technique of Flow Network Modeling (FNM) involves representation of a flow system as a network of components and flow paths with overall flow and thermal characteristics. The system behavior is determined through a system-level direct solution of the mass, momentum and energy conservation equations.

MacroFlow has an intuitive Graphical user Interface (GUI) that allows quick construction of complex network models. The component library in MacroFlow is very extensive. It includes standard geometric components, and components that are used in electronics cooling, semiconductor processing, and filtration systems along with vendor libraries. The solution method is very robust and efficient with analysis of a typical practical flow system completed in less than a minute. Results of analysis can be examined using bar charts, on-screen displays, tables, and animation.

Using MacroFlow engineers can quickly compare the performance of different designs, size individual components, perform “what-if” studies, and investigate contingency scenarios. These productivity gains substantially shorten the design cycle and improve product quality. MacroFlow is being actively used in the design electronics cooling systems in Computer, Telecom, Defense, and Power applications, gas and liquid delivery systems in Semiconductor Processing, and filtration and cooling systems in Automotive and Gas Turbine applications.